Sunday, February 21, 2010


Or, as some others might call them, "frozen snacks"... quick and easy, just like your-- uh, never mind. Anyway! I found these little delights at my local Grocery Outlet, currently my favorite store, and decided that they might be perfect for camping/Burning Man.

CIMG2692 (Medium)

They heat up in a minute, can be eaten at room temp if necessary (not as good as melty-hot, though), and are actually tasty. They're small and light and make for a fast little snack or in-between meal. I actually got them for Ethan to try out, as he can just fit them perfectly in his little mitts, and he really likes them. For the first couple of bites, anyway. He's not a big fan of bread right now, so the dough parts bug him.

I also thought that he might be into these veggie burgers, but we haven't tried them on him so far. Luckily, we love them, so it doesn't matter if he can't stand them-- they'll get eaten!

CIMG2690 (Medium)

Lastly, we tried out these stuffed baked potatoes.

CIMG2689 (Medium)

I think next time I'll just split one in half for both of us to share, because they're pretty hearty and filling. I'd also probably add some toppings (broccoli & cheese, bacon, maybe some sour cream or chives or something like that) so that it has got some extra flavor and also makes a complete meal. Overall, though, they're all pretty good. Now I just have to find freezer space in the RV!

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