Saturday, February 13, 2010


Thar she blows! Our motorhome, that is. I think that, in the end, she will be a lovely thing. Full of joys and wonders and smelling of sweet happiness, rather than what she smelled like when she arrived: cat urine. Thank god Joel was the one who had to drive it home, sticking his head out the window the whole way in order to avoid being knocked out by the fumes. Anyway, after a bit of cleaning, with much more to come, she's already looking much better. Here's a view of the motorhome after a minor rinse off by some recent rain.

IMG_0090 (Large)

The inside is actually pretty roomy, and with a bit of DIY fixer-upper attitude and some elbow grease will become a nifty pad for camping trips. This is a view of the inside looking back towards the couch-sleeping area at the rear of the vehicle. There are two sleeping areas (one on top of the driving area), a dining table/couch area, a bathroom with shower, a stove, sink, and refrigerator with freezer, and plenty of storage space. We'll be adding a microwave to the kitchen, because seriously, who doesn't use one on a daily basis these days?

IMG_0096 (Large)

And this is the opposite view, looking up past the galley (tee-hee! RV lingo) towards the front of the vehicle.

IMG_0098 (Large)

It's actually really neat. We are picking up a generator for half-off (!) this week, and can finally try out some of the stuff inside the RV that um, you know, runs on a generator. We also still need to dump some liquids (eww), pick up some propane, and basic cleaning and repair work, and then add our little extras to make it ours. Extras like bedding, and curtains, and door & drawer latches so that everything doesn't fall out the minute we turn a corner. Not that anything like that already happened, or anything... heh, heh. Well, you've gotta learn somehow, right? And we're ready to learn!

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