Saturday, February 27, 2010

Date Night, part 2

On our last date, after dinner we wandered down to our usual spot, the Speakeasy Lounge. We met there in 1995, and enjoy the ambience; it's more neighborhood bar than dance club, and more alternative-friendly than fratboy-friendly. And they make the strongest drinks I've ever had. Ever. For a vodka tonic, they fill about 80% with vodka, then add a couple of spritzes of tonic. Toss in a lime wedge, and voila! You now have to take a drink without visibly wincing. (I don't do well at that.) And they probably have the least expensive drinks of all the downtown establishments, too, which makes it even crazier that they give such strong drinks. Can you see why we go back there when we can?

Still, we always end up leaving there with a sense of being let down. It's the music; they have played exactly the same stuff every single time we've been there. It's gotten to the point that we could print them out a playlist of the songs they'll play and probably get 9 out of 10 right every time. Here's a sample:
-- Sweet Home Alabama, by Lynyrd Skynyrd
-- Bust a Move, by Young MC
-- Blister in the Sun, by the Violent Femmes
-- Baby Got Back, by Sir Mix-a-lot
-- The Joker, by the Steve Miller Band
-- What I Got, by Sublime

And so on. Come on! Let's mix it up! Do an alt/folk/rock cover of a rap song, like Ben Folds did with their cover of a classic gangsta rap song by Dr. Dre... or something a la Jonathan Coulton doing his folk-guitar version of Baby Got Back...

That's my challenge to you, downtown Modesto; mix it up!

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