Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First Blood

Ethan face-planted the other day. He was running full-blast towards the kitchen, and got caught up in his own feet somehow, taking a lip-first dive directly onto the threshold between the carpeted living room and the linoleum of the kitchen. BOOM! The tears and panic were coming from more than one person, I can tell you that much.

Yet, only a few minutes later, he was clapping away with Daddy.
Ethan claps 02-07-10

But the carnage was still visible underneath...
Ethan1stblood 02-07-10

Yes, that's blood all over his shirt and Joel's shirt. I almost had a coronary when I saw how much he was bleeding. Who knew one cut on his lip would drench both of them like that? Here's a close-up of my poor baby's boo-boo.

Ethan wounds 02-07-10

Well, it may leave a scar, but then I have a matching one on my lip from taking a face-front dive onto a pile of rocks when I was a kid, so... can't say much about it. Either way, he recovered fairly quickly, and it didn't even stop him from taking his bottle, so I'd say he's a trooper!

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