Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gardener in Training

Gardener 01 06 10 (Large)

Ethan just LOVES to be outside. Whenever we're out there, he's right along with us. When we're raking up the leaves that seem to never stop falling, he wants to rake. When we sweep up those annoying little round seeds that are perfect for stepping on and twisting your ankle, he wants a broom. When we take the garbage out, he's yelling on the doorstep to be helped down so that he can accompany us to the glories of the garbage can. A few weeks ago we were outside hanging out, and he discovered the mysterious wonders of the garden hose and the strange contraption containing it.

Hose-a 01 06 10 (Large)
"I can see the hose, and it's really cool, but where does it come from?"

Hose-c 01 06 10 (Large)
"Getting warmer.... getting warmer..."

Hose-b 01 06 10 (Large)

At this point, I had to intervene because I was pretty sure he was about to climb right over onto the other side and do a face plant into the bricks. Not on my watch, Gardener Boy!

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