Friday, February 26, 2010

Date Night, part 1

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We got to have a date night recently that started off well, but ended as most nights "out on the town" in Modesto end-- with the same music, the same people, and the same general feeling of disappointment and frustration that there is very little that changes here. The beginning of the night, though was great; we love, love, love our babysitter! She is great with Ethan, and he adores her. We took him over to her house that night, and were pleasantly surprised to see three other young kids there. Ethan was so excited to see them that he pretty much forgot we were around, making our exit that much easier. She's just a perfect sitter, in many ways; calm, caring, affectionate, not bothered in the least by crying or fussing, and very pleasant to be around. Lucky us!

After we left him with our fave sitter, we went out to grab a light dinner at Firkin & Fox Pub in downtown Modesto. We chose the fish 'n chips, and the fish was delicious. Maybe a little too battered for our tastes, but the fish itself was perfection: White, firm but flaky, buttery smooth and nicely flavored. And the "chips" were actually tasty rather than being greasy or soggy. YUM! I attempted to make progress in my self-imposed challenge to learn how to drink beer, and I actually put away some Blue Moon. Not without work, though; that stuff is hard to get used to... for me, anyway. Maybe I'll just skip it, as I don't really feel like you should have to struggle to enjoy a drink.

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