Monday, February 15, 2010

Ethan's Playground

We prepared a small play area for Ethan in the kitchen, where we have a little nook under the bar... He's always in the kitchen anyway, while I'm cooking or cleaning, so we decided that we should make an area that's more kid-friendly for him. He has his little couch-seat, plus a three-drawer cabinet filled with toys and books. This is theoretically supposed to keep him from the kitchen drawers and cabinets. Yeah, right.
Cubby Love 01 30 10

But at least he enjoys himself while he's in there. And when he leaves, he goes straight over to the fireplace play area, where we have his toy box and books.

Ethan reading 01 30 10

It is less dangerous than it sounds; Joel rigged up a cloth-covered board to cover the opening, so that we don't have to worry about finding him trying to climb up the chimney someday. We also covered the edges of the brick with those handy-dandy cushions, like these below, to keep him from braining himself in his enthusiasm for a toy or book.

So now we just have to worry about everything else that could bruise or cut him!

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