Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I want a new bed. I know, I know, "want" doesn't mean "need"-- especially when we're both still looking for jobs, and other mundane details like that. But still, there is this little part of me that wants things even when it's impractical or selfish or (sometimes) impossible. Like that cruise to the islands, for instance; gonna happen? Probably not. Do I still want to book it? Of course!

So, on to the subject: I want a platform bed. Ever since we visited my cousins in the Bay Area and slept on their wonderful, amazing, perfect guest bed, I've had this type of bed on the top of my "want" list.

It was so awesome! I loved the idea of it as much as I loved the actual experience. It looked so clean, and simple, and straightforward; no headboard or box springs or dust ruffles, just the pure lines of the bed frame and linens. And the sleep we got was perfect-- I think the movement associated with two layers (mattress and box springs) is partially what wakes me up all the time. Any time Joel shifts in his sleep, I feel the whole bed shiver and bounce, and boom! I'm awake. I'm sure it's actually pretty minimal, but for some reason I'm a very light sleeper and it doesn't take much to jostle me out of dreamland. These platform beds, which we've slept on a couple of times now, don't seem to have that problem. It's like sleeping on the couch, kind of, which I've always been able to do without any problems. That's where I spent most of the last trimester of my pregnancy, actually!

Anyway, I do love the lines on the bed above, but I wonder if I'd end up destroying my shins on the sharp corners. There are a few other designs out there (a few? try thousands!), but it's harder to find ones that have rounded corners. I guess it doesn't fit the whole "platform bed" aesthetic, or something. Typically the rounded ones are covered with a leather-cushion material, but I found this one as well:

Not sure I like it as much, but it definitely seems more skin-and-bone friendly than the sharp-edged beds. Which also makes me feel better about kids being in the same room; they tend to head straight for the sharpest edges around to test out their healing capabilities.

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